Lady Sabrina

Experience my presence in all its different facets – no matter if it's my role as classic dominatrix, bizarre physician, passionate fetishist, authentic role-player or powerful wrestler – I master any scenario with ease and will make your imagination run wild.

With a sweet smile on my red lips I will drag you into my bizarre realm of perversions and will push you to your limits – step by step. Every glance, every touch will let you deep-dive into a great new undiscovered world of the senses. Follow my lead and yearlong experience to turn your most inner hidden desires into vivid reality.


My Fetish - Latex
I will stand in front of you wearing my high heels and be wrapped in the material that dreams are made of: skintight, shiny latex. You will be encased in this beautiful material, too, and this unique experience will send you on a rollercoaster ride. You will sweat, touch, smell, hear and see nothing but latex. We will be wearing masks and be connected through tubes that will bring us even closer to each other. The breath-taking look of your latex mistress will provoke the most intense feelings of lust and pain, dominance and submission. You will be under my control with just one desire in mind: to please your mistress.

Listen to the sound of my heels coming closer. The door opens and I enter the room, all dressed up in shiny rubber. Even my face - disguised with a mystical mask. Still you're kneeling right in front of me but now I am going to completely transform you with no inch of skin left visible anymore.

You will be wrapped in several layers of rubber. I will put a second mask on top of your mask for total enclosure. There will be no escape for you. Do you feel the tightness and the heat all over your body yet?

With the help of a piping system I will turn you into my obedient rubber toy. The rubber chamber in which the tubes end will let you enjoy the rubber sensation even more! Let go of yourself, fade out the rest of the world and completely surrender to your Rubber Mistress.

My hypnotic voice and the powerful scent of rubber will make you almost lose your mind. And don't expect sudden relief - Your Mistress has already transformed into Catwoman and is waiting expectantly to play her next game of cat & mouse with you, putting a new mask over your head to satisfy her own play instinct. The mask fits tightly and gets even tighter because I will be continuously pumping air into the chambers so your head and face will become one with the mask.

Perfectly wrapped in rubber you will feel your body and every heartbeat more intensely than ever before. And your Mistress will playfully enhance this lustful feeling until this rubber frenzy reaches its unforgettable climax.

Doctor Lady Sabrina – Passionate Bizarre Physician
As a kinky medical doctor, I will diagnose your particular illness in a bizarre medical role-play. Take a seat on the examination chair so that Madam Doctor can start with her thorough examination. Maybe she'll prescribe an extended sweat cure, while she will enhance the healing process by driving you crazy in her full-on medical rubber outfit. For patients with a masochistic disposition, Doctor Sabrina suggests her special kind of pain treatment.

Wrestling – Face The Challenge
Are you up for the challenge to measure our strengths on the mattress? I will do anything to beat you up, my legs entwined around your body, in a tight and inescapable lock. Are you giving up just yet? Do you surrender to my superior female power? Get ready to face the ultimate challenge. If you are familiar with the terms Sleeper Hold, Scissors Hold and School Girl Pin then you've found the right opponent in me.

My Satisfaction – My Obedient Toy
I just love to play with you and to leave you absolutely clueless about what I am going to do to you next. I will make your new position as my own obedient toy sound so enticing to you, there will be no escape. My presence will leave you totally bound – not only by my words, with your attention fixed on my radiant erotic charisma. Feel my presence, follow my lead and trust my empathy with which I will bring your darkest, best-hidden fantasies to light and push you beyond your own boundaries. If you feel ready to turn your dreams into reality, to savour every single moment and to give yourself over completely, I'll be expecting you at House-Of-Bizarre-Dreams.